COVID-19: Infections spike, police intensify lockdown enforcement

COVID-19: Infections spike, police intensify lockdown enforcement

Traffic congestion along Simon Mazorodze Road as motorist try to find their way into the city centre

POLICE this morning intensified enforcement of Covid-19 lockdown measures as the nation witnesses a spike in new coronavirus confirmed cases.

A survey carried by The Herald in Harare revealed that members of the security services were strictly vetting the public on road blocks with hundreds of motorists being turned back home after failing to satisfy the police on their intentions of going into the city.

Most of the roads leading into the city from various suburbs of Harare were heavily congested with motorists taking more than three hours to get into town from places such as Chitungwiza.

At roadblocks, people with suspicious exemption letters were turned back with some being strongly warned to stay at home. Some were attempting to evade roadblocks using side roads into town to no avail as police were on every corner to ensure that everyone was scrutinised before he or she is allowed to proceed into town.

There was a notable decrease in both vehicular and pedestrian volumes in the CBD for the better part of the day. Recently, the Government announced a night lockdown curfew aimed at limiting movement of people as a way of reducing the spread of the deadly pandemic. The Government also reiterated that only people providing essential services would be allowed to go to work and those not exempted should stay at home.

Essential service providers are required to produce letters at police checkpoints stating that they are exempted to work during the lockdown period.