Council seeks permission to levy rates in forex

Council seeks permission to levy rates in forex

       Eng Chisango

Harare City Council wants Government permission to levy rates in foreign currency for those businesses trading in forex.

Council believes this would improve revenue inflows and service delivery, as it imports certain key materials needed for public works.

Council is struggling to collect refuse and to provide clean water to residents as it is facing challenges securing adequate foreign currency to buy water treatment chemicals and directly imported fuel. Harare town clerk Engineer Hosiah Chisango on Tuesday, said council would first target businesses that trade exclusively in foreign currency.

“There are certain departments that without US dollar cannot be run efficiently, including water treatment chemicals and fuel purchases,” he said.

Eng Chisango said council was still negotiating with the Government to be allowed to fix the sale prices of stands and rentals of its properties in US dollars, with the actual payment in local currency at the prevailing exchange rate on the date of payment.