Chitungwiza Mayor defends housing demolitions

Chitungwiza Mayor defends housing demolitions

By Daniel Itai, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Chitungwiza’s Executive Mayor, Lovemore Maiko, has since defended the ongoing housing demolitions citing that the municipality is only targeting illegal structures.

“A home is one that has inhabitants, what was affected are illegal structures, we are a local authority that is pro-sanity and law and order but we are also very humane.

It must be noted that the land that we have here in Chitungwiza is state land meaning the state has an interest that’s why they have set up a land taskforce team. Moreso, Council has however, urged residents to be wary of such people and where council has issued stop development orders or prohibition orders in terms of law people must comply because failure to comply has consequences. In all this we remain very humane because we are of the people, from the people and for the people,” said the Mayor.

The Mayor also added that where Council demolished houses that where built on legal grounds then compensation was definite. However, the Mayor refused to divulge any information pertaining to any arrests related to dubious land barons who have been selling housing stands illegally.

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On the issue of compensation, whenever such has happened to something legal, yes Council is obliged to compensate but as for something that is illegal Council can not be held liable or accountable. We urge our residents to stay alert and be law abiding citizens.

As for who has been arrested or who will be arrested, I can’t comment on that because its out of my purview however, measures to curb any illegalities are being put in place, systems have been cemented to deal with any illegal activity however, it must be noted that what we are dealing with in Chitungwiza are issues which have been haunting the city for a very long time, they are many legacy issues and this is one of them which needs a sober and holistic approach which we intend to do,” said the Mayor.