Chamisa free to dream says ZANU-PF youth leader

Chamisa free to dream says ZANU-PF youth leader

Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front youth leader Pupurai Togarepi has told the Movement for Democratic Change that dreams are free but the party must not pick fights that it cannot win.

Commenting on planned mass demonstrations by the opposition reported to be slated for next week, Togarepi said: “The wise always say do not pick fights you can’t win and the clever ones stick to this time old piece of wisdom, it is free and has been proven by history to be a key ingredient to success and a happy life, but sadly and rather regrettably, our political opponents in the MDC are naive and fail to understand such basics.”

Describing the opposition, which lost three by-elections, as myopic, Togarepi went on: “ZANU-PF is the ruling party of Zimbabwe, and with a very weak and out-of-sorts opposition such as the MDC, we will rule this country until donkeys grow horns, they can only dream, but then dreams are for free.

“We say ZANU-PF will rule for ages to come, not because we are undemocratic, but purely because we are the people’s preferred party as has been proven since the turn of this year where the party has won by-elections with little effort.”

ZANU-PF has won all five by-elections held in the last month and wrestled a seat in the MDC- stronghold of Bulawayo.

Commenting on the weekend elections on analyst said: “One of the biggest problems in MDC is making grandiose noise without a plan.”

It now really looks as if the MDC has no plan except to whip up people’s emotions.