Caution over festive spending

Caution over festive spending

By Daniel Itai

Certified Financial Advisor, Senate Mohale, has cautioned consumers not to overspend during the forthcoming festive season.

“When it comes to year end spending don’t just go for shopping unnecessarily have a shopping list. Limit your outings to where there isn’t entrance fees and remember your needs and wants.

Be very weary about entering into credit. If you live according to what people are saying you are going to make wrong decisions you have to understand the need versus the want.

People also need to understand that the next pay cheque will be at the end of January and for those that might receive the 13th cheque it’s more wiser to spend 10 percent of that and the rest you save it because January will be looming but there is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself as long as the want doesn’t surpass the need,” said the Financial Advisor.

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Post the festive season, many usually find themselves in huge financial impediments due to overspending and elusive credit which in most cases if not all takes them several months to regain that financial stability.