Calls for privatization of SA's railway sector

Calls for privatization of SA's railway sector

By Daniel Itai, Johannesburg, South Africa

The Rail Road Association has become the latest civic organization which is calling for the privatization of the country’s railway sector.

Over the past couple of years, South Africa’s railway sector has been marred by a lot of irregularities which has since resulted in the dilapidation of locomotives and the railway line amongst other infrastructure.

“Currently the railway network is monopolized by the state owned entity, Transnet and we now need Public Private sector Participation (PPP).

We are asking for an immediate grant of the private sector in the network in order for the sector to be productive and reliable.

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However, the government will still own the infrastructure which the private sector will pay for to use.

Moreso, if PPP is granted they will now be competition between the private and public sector which will help in creating efficiency and consistency. It will also assist in the integration of the continent as rail is an economic driver,” said Mesela Nhlapo, CEO of the Rail Road Association.