18 MDCA Mutare City Councilors back Chamisa

    Nelson Chamisa

Eighteen MDC Alliance councillors in Mutare has declared their support for for their leader Nelson Chamisa.

Mutare MDC Alliance Council Chief Whip Edson Kalulu said May was a voluntary referendum of some sort as the Manicaland Provincial Capital City Councilors opened up on who is who in this egalitarian pivoted struggle.

“One Clr after the other, led by the uncompromising Mayor, His Worship, Clr Blessing Tandi, took ‘vows’ to stand by the Political Party MDCA, the Gweru 2019 National Congress results that gave birth to the President Advocate Nelson Chamisa-led administration,” he said.

“No amount of financial persuasion or brute force, or even ZANU PF chicanery disguised as justice, will move the People’s Clrs to join the Khupe-Mwonzora political novices, desperate political malcontents and unrepentant fortune-hunters at the expense of the electorate that voted President Chamisa and them in 2018, fully aware that MDCA is a registered and separate political party.”

He said thrashing Khupe and her MDCThokozanu at the 2018 Zimbabwe Harmonised Elections, in-as-much-as was the absolute and resounding rejection of #Mwonzora at the Constitutional MDCA May 2020 Gweru National Congress, was more deliberate than accidental, more about the majority than their personal egos and above all clear votes of “no confidence” in both Khupe and Mwonzora.

“The same is true for Morgan Komichi (#Cup) and Elias Mudzuri (#Engineer),” he said.

“As Mutare Clrs, we see the need to recall these propositional representative Senators Komichi Mwonzora and Mudzuri, than them recalling us. President Chamisa noted that the three were no long electable political material, hence his benevolence to have them as Senators. They are not grateful and must be shown the exit door as soon as is yesterday.” bellowed the Clrs in some form of a chorus.”

He said the unwarranted raid by the heavily armed ZRP, under the guise of Covid19 monitoring, won’t deter the Mutare City Clrs’ from their resolute to stand with Zimbabwe’s ever youngest, brilliant, people centred, God fearer and visionary politician in the People’s President Advocate & Pastor Nelson Chamisa.

“If anything, “the Clr’s are more resolute,” His Worship Mayor Tandi emphatically underscored. The MDCA Manicaland Provincial Secretary General, Godfrey Mubatsa and Senator Lady Chabuka addressed the ZRP officers (Chief Superintendent Makavanga and Assistant Inspector Bhelo) who came in two truckloads off riot police (the ZRP eventually out numbered the meeting delegates),” he said.

“There is no price whatsoever and to whosoever in guessing that the ZRP did not observe Covid19 social distance, let alone try to enforce iron other. Probably, they (ZRP) are immune to Covid19 attack, their uniforms are, but the best Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) too.”

Kalulu said MDCA elected Mutare City Clrs, vowed to take orders only from their party led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa, a political party that indeed was/is acknowledged by ZEC, Zimbabwe Parliament and beyond the political boundaries.

“The political weight and confidence have also been thrown behind the Manicaland Provincial Chairman, a real fighter, a man of his word and a leader of repute, #Gweja, Hon Chapfiwa Prosper Mutseyami” he said.

“No to Khupeists,
No to Mwonzoraists,
No to Komichists,
No to Mudzurists
No to the Few Angels of doom in Manicaland.

Toyema nayee! Gweja!
Toyema nayee! Chamisa!
Toyema nayo! MDCA!”