13 more Covid-19 cases confirmed

13 more Covid-19 cases confirmed

Thirteen more Covid-19 infections in Zimbabwe were confirmed yesterday bringing the cumulative total to 525, with 448 being returning residents in quarantine centres and 77 being infected within Zimbabwe, including three new cases yesterday.

The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare said last night that investigations were now in progress to identify the source of the three local infections.

South Africa’s cumulative total passed the 100 000 mark yesterday to reach 101 590, the worst in Africa and the region. The South African death toll remains low by global standards of the epidemic at 1 991. Global totals reached 9 154 232, although this is regarded as a significant underestimate since full testing has never been universal, but with 473 650 deaths.

In several countries lockdowns have been reimposed or tightened after sudden spikes. Germany, generally regarded as having the fastest reactions to the pandemic among European countries, started lifting its lockdown last month.

Tight lockdowns have now been imposed on two districts in North Rhine-Westphalia State following local spikes, with the most worrying being the 1 500 workers in a meat packing plant testing positive.

The World Health Organisation has reported a record increase in global Covid-19 infections on Sunday with 183 020 in just one day.

The main contributors to the rise were North and South America as lockdowns were lifted.